Sky Bear

Development Note for the Mechanical Robot Characters
On work in progress for the animation project of Golden Panda®, several designs and motion clips of the 3 main robot characters have been made to use in the sequences of the animation. 
Here are some notes from the work time. 

Sammy’s Robot

Sky Bear is a simple robot; he likes to fly and not think too hard about things. Sammy might have a million questions about how he functions, but Sky Bear thinks a “transistor” is a funny dance.
Capable of RACING across this sky with ultra-hot jet blasters, “Sky” is happiest when he’s breaking the sound barrier... even when Sammy would prefer to get out and walk.
Specialty: Air | Fire Strength: Flight | Personality: Flighty


 - Original design by Sopp
 - Design by Kouji Kawamura, Sopp​​​​​​​

[WORK NOTE 02] - 3D Modeling

 - 3D Direction by Sopp
 - 3D Modeling & Rigging by Y. S. Jo
 - 3D Animation by Irene Moon

Development Note for the Mechanical Robot Characters

- Original Created by Sopp

- Direction: Sopp
- Art Direction: Won Seok Choi, Sopp
- Character Design & Illustration : Caterina Corsini
- Layout Design: Noah Holden
- Mechanical Character Design: Kouji Kawamura, Sopp
- 3D Modeling, Rigging : Yong Sung Jo
- Animation: Irene Moon
- Motion edit: Sopp
- Assist: YJ

Copy & reproduction without explicit permission are extremely prohibit. All rights reserved. 
ⓒ Sopp 

2021 © Sopp. All Rights Reserved.

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