Polar Red

Development Note for the Mechanical Robot Characters
On work in progress for the animation project of Golden Panda®, several designs and motion clips of the 3 main robot characters have been made to use in the sequences of the animation. 
Here are some notes from the work time. 

Dorothy’s Robot

Ready to patrol the surface of the water or explore the deeps, Polar Red is solid. Dependable. And in Dorothy’s words, she’s “boooooooooooooring!” 

Like an old Sea Captain, “Poe” is as cranky as Dorothy is fun. Quite happy to ignore Dorothy’s temper, she serves to mellow out her hot-tempered pilot, no matter how many times Dorothy yells at her to “step on it, already!”

Specialty: Sea, Ice  | Strength: Super Tough | Personality: Icy


 - Original design by Sopp
 - Design by Kouji Kawamura, Sopp​​​​​​​

[WORK NOTE 02] - 3D Modeling

 - 3D Direction by Sopp
 - 3D Modeling & Rigging by Y. S. Jo
 - 3D Animation by Irene Moon

Development Note for the Mechanical Robot Characters

- Original Creator : Sopp

- Director : Sopp
- Art Director : Won Suc Choi, Sopp
- Character Designer & Illustration : Caterina Corsini
- BG Artist : Noah Holden
- Mechanical Designer : Kouji Kawamura, Sopp
- 3D Modeler & Rigger : Yong Sung Jo
- 3D Animator : Irene Moon
- Motion Editor: Sopp
- Assist: YJ

Copy & reproduction without explicit permission are extremely prohibit. All rights reserved. 
ⓒ Sopp 

2021 © Sopp. All Rights Reserved.


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