Pantaron-Z Concept (Galactic Pantz)

A story of robot brothers with supernatural powers from outer space, the evil force that attempts to take over the Earth using the robot brothers, and the people who do everything to stop the evil force.

On Juro, a planet of intelligent robot lifeform with emotions and supernatural powers, the Tredi, the planet’s central group, designs the future of Juro. When the leader-class twin robots—No. 27 and No. 28—were newly born, the Tredi decided to choose No. 28 who was more balanced and mentally superior to No. 27 who was stronger and superior in combat to raise as the planet’s future leader. The Dia Group, which is always opposed to the Tredi, raised No. 27 as the ultimate combat machine.

As a grown-up robot, No. 28 is attacked by an unidentified robot during a superpower test in space and No 28 as a result crashes to Earth, far from Juro. During its fall to the ground, No 28’s body reacts chemically with the Earth’s atmosphere. In the process, the T-Core in his chest, the life source of the Juro robots and strong energy form, collapses and an organic transformation takes place in its body to protect against further collapse including the swelling of the T-Steel, armor around its body and the shrinking of his body to about a fifth of its initial size.

This process transforms No. 28’s stunning look into a completely different appearance of a fat dull two-meter-high robot without his superpowers, suffering memory loss due to the impact of the fall. Luckily, it is found, rescued, and given the name Pantaron by Dr. Yoon Kang, a robot engineer at KUDOJUKO, a robot manufacturer located near the crash site.

Meanwhile, the Dia Group is surprised to detect T-Core signals from No. 28 because they thought that their assassination attempt had been successful and that they would soon take over Juro. They soon learn that No. 28 is still alive so they then send No. 27 who has grown into the ultimate combat machine to Earth to destroy his brother, No. 28 before the Tredi can detect No. 28’s signals and recover him...

Copy & reproduction without explicit permission are extremely prohibit. All rights reserved. 
 ⓒ Sopp 

The Invasion from NYLON-X

Pantaron-Z is a robot alien from a planet called T-21 that far outer space from the Earth. Many robots live in the planet like human being on Earth. The base storyline is Pantaron-Z’s adventure with his human friends and their supports to return back his home even though strong disturbance by enemy forces which want to take the high level scientific structure inside Pantaron-Z body due to secret purpose to conquer the Earth.


Pantaron-Z is a robot character based an original story and to be created for animation development and merchandising goods. Sopp has grown up with Many Super-Robot characters fever which called sub-culture of Japan animation. He always want to create own designed Super-Robot story series which be able to remind his childhood. In the result of it, finally Pantaron-Z & Nylon-X were born.

Concept Sketch

- Drawing & Photo: Sopp


- Photo: Rotta, Sopp
- Set Art: Sopp
- Assist: YJ

Exhibition in Seoul (2017)

- Photo: Sopp
- Assist: YJ, Harunezip

Pantaron-Z (Galactic Pantz)
'The Invasion from NYLON-X' (2014)

Stop motion / Concept Shot Project of Sopp's Original Story Pararon-Z - The Super Robot 
Collaboration Project with Rotta the photographer

- Written by Sopp
- Directed by Rotta, Sopp

- Toy Model Sampling: Sopp
- Original Illustration: Sopp
- Sampling Assist: YJ
- Set Art: Sopp, YJ
- Assist: YJ
- Camera: Rotta

Copy & reproduction without explicit permission are extremely prohibit. All rights reserved. 
 ⓒ Sopp 

© Sopp. All Rights Reserved.

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