Creative Director
"SOPP, the title of the homage for Super Robot in Childhood"
 As a Gundam sculptor, Sopp has made lots of high spec model works for international as well as Japan mania for 14 yrs. In Toy scene, he makes a work to reflect an internal and external feature of homage from his childhood memories of Super-Robot and sub-cultures inspiration in the focus on visual simpleness.
StudioViper, Inc. is a concept design studio that was made in 2007 as a brand name that plans design concept and produces figure toy goods by Director Sopp. After some years, StudioViper brand had been launched in 2011 as a official studio. Sopp, as a director and a designer of StudioViper, has worked in design & modelling field for many years and had lots of experience in specialty with high quality handmade Gundam scratch build figure model for worldwide Gundam mania. So, in based of this experience, StudioViper has prepared many attractive original characters, designs and products since it has been launched. In 2014, StudioViper corporation is established in final to enhance its goal and expand business territory not just brand name any more. StudioViper always seek the creative value for our goal that to be a best concept & design creator in the world.

Come across an interesting piece of SV's art, or would like to share and collaborate some work of your own, welcome any inquiries about planning, production, agent service and so on about figure, toy and design.
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​​​​​​​We are open for your project, feel free to send your message always. 
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