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Sopp Studio is a creative hub specializing in intellectual property (IP) development and design production. Our expertise spans character design, toy production, and other design projects. Our portfolio includes our flagship sci-fi action-comedy stories: GOLDEN PANDA, featuring three musketeers and their AI robots, and GALACTIC PANTZ, chronicling the adventures of two alien robot brothers. Our latest project, Safety First Golden Panda (SFGP), integrates character animation, brand advertising, and merchandise licensing. Centered on safety, SFGP offers a unique blend of short-story animation and design that serves as both an advertisement and a platform for various business opportunities, including commercial and public services.

Come across an interesting piece of Sopp's design, or would like to share and collaborate on some work of your own, welcome any inquiries about planning, production, agent service, and so on about figure, toy, and design. 
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